Memento Mori

by This Dainty Monster

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released July 17, 2015

Gabreal Cook - music, vocals
Kristin Goad - vocals



all rights reserved


This Dainty Monster North Carolina

This Dainty Monster is the work of recording artist Gabreal Cook, with the occasional collaboration of vocalist and partner, Kristin Goad. This Dainty Monster creates baroque electronica with an experimental bent, informed by such genres as IDM, industrial, dream pop, coldwave, post punk and progressive rock. Influences include David Bowie, Joy Division, Dead Can Dance, Coil and Radiohead. ... more

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Track Name: Slip Into the Night
Someday I may just check out of this cold,
cockroach motel, slip off this shabby robe
coiled at my slippered feet, and slip into
the night to wander the lost, narcotic highways.

No one to see my naked, lunatic
figure dissolve at the edge of the light
of the neon beacon, on this island,
in this gentle sea of steel and concrete.

And the beacon will flash incessantly:
“Vacancy. Vacancy. Vacancy...”
Track Name: Armageddon (On the Head of a Pin)
In a modest cell, well-lit and sterile,
necromancers neuter the future:
serenely coding notes in bright lab-coats,
as each peers through his microscope lens at
Armageddon on the head of a pin.
Track Name: Seize
I want to live right up until I die.
I want to see and to grasp at
the gossamer strands as they float past:
converging on this moment by
chance, perchance to be tied.
Track Name: Tantalus
On your horizon float nacreous gates
to the halcyon kingdom that awaits.
In the banquet hall a seat is reserved...
But every step advanced, this scene abates.

Barren waves of sand, in its stead, unfurl.
Milk and honey trickle through the chasms,
out of reach, and manna is the carcass
of some vermin steaming in the heat.

For you this cloud of witnesses gather:
buzzards to hover your dogged cadaver,
picking and prodding at your misfortune,
as you drag yourself, absurdly, forward.

Would you not welcome any stain or curse
to be tempted by some blessed devil -
were one, now, to step out from an outcrop -
to strike a deal to quench your dire thirst?
Track Name: Flightless Phoenix
Flightless Phoenix, your roar is stifled; your
flame, extinguished; your wings, outstretched and fixed
to the arms - your talons to the shank - of an anchor.
How you soar! - straight and true, as a harpoon,
down, down to the absolute nadir,
into the heart of silence, through the mouth
of the spitting crater, to be unborn!
Track Name: The End
Your life will conclude with a period.
There will be no question, no ellipsis,
though it stops in the midst of a sentence.